Ski with the comfort of snow board boots!

about The concept of FATblades was created in 2006 to alleviate a problem experienced by many skiers who have experienced discomfort in using standard ski boots. The principle design is based on a shape of forward facing ski wide enough to accommodate most snowboard bindings (less than 16cm in width). The overall shape and edge of a FATblade is calculated and designed to achieve maximum stability and performance at varying speeds and different degrees of turning. The overall effect is a highly effective short, wide ski blade which is great for leisurely skiing in comfort, style and convenience.


The most comfortable skiing alternative!

Being only 80cm in length and designed specifically for snowboard boots, it is very easy to fit your FATblades and boots into a standard piece of luggage. (Read More)

Call it a premonition from the ski-gods if you like, but as Matt pondered on the restrictions of the snowboard and the lack of comfort from ski boots… (Read More)

FATblades are a revolutionary ski product, created to merge the freedom and comfort of the snowboarder and the performance and variation of the skier. (Read More)

Slide Dare To Be
VIDEO FATblades give the rider a new and exciting method to descend all types of mountain snow terrain. The short, 80cm long blades are wide enough to be fitted with snowboard bindings and therefore snowboard boots. Whilst traveling to the slopes, FATblades are easy to carry and short and light, meaning zero struggling with a heavy boards and awkward skis & poles. Watch Now
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